'Lovelace' Trailer: Amanda Seyfried Sucks (Get It?)

Lindsay Lohan was fired from (or quit?) one Linda Lovelace biopic so now it's Amanda Seyfried who gets to do all of the sucking first in the other one.

Ok, sorry, that was too easy. Lovelace was the woman whose 1973 pornographic film, "Deep Throat," helped kickstart the Sexual Revolution. Lovelace was a reluctant star with a complex life story, detailed with great care in the 2005 documentary "Inside Deep Throat." (The doc was a hit at Sundance and later opened in limited release.) "Lovelace" is the biopic version of her story, starring Seyfriend in the title role that once belonged to Lilo in a competing biopic from a whole different creative team.

In the Seyfriend one, which is first up to bat, James Franco plays Hugh Hefner (!) and Adam Brody plays "Deep Throat" costar Harry Reems (so, apparently, his first pet was named "Harry" and the street he grew up on was "Reems." Got it.)

They're supported by a huge ensemble:  Juno Temple, Wes Bentley, Eric Roberts, Sharon Stone, Robert Patrick, Peter Sarsgaard, Chris Noth, Bobby Cannavale, Hank Azaria, Debi Mazar and Chloe Sevigny.

The woman born Linda Susan Boreman was married to the production manager on "Deep Throat," who allegedly coerced her into porn (they eventually divorced). She made multiple adult movies, but later renounced her past and became an anti-pornography activist. She passed away in 2002 at the age of 53. "Lovelace" premiered at the Sundance film festival in January, Brazil in March and is due here in the U.S. on August 8.

Lilo didn't get to play the porn star in "Inferno: The Linda Lovelace Story" (the "other" Lovelace biopic, in which she was replaced by Malin Ackerman), but she did once play a stripper. She recently Tweeted a reply (from rehab!) to a fan who said she'd just watched "I Know Who Killed Me" twice. Lohan responded: "two times too many!" It's probably a good thing for Franco that he did the Seyfried version and didn't end up doing the one with Lohan. It could have been awkward to have to talk about that joke in "This is the End"!