Supercut: Every Question Ellen Page Asks In 'Inception'

If you left watching "Inception" scratching your head and wondering what your eyeballs just spent the last 148 minutes observing, you are not alone. Not only do millions of viewers feel the same way, one of the film's actors isn't even sure what's going on: Ellen Page.

Page, who plays grad student-cum-dream archictect Ariadne in the film (alongside va-va-voom hotties Leonardo DiCaprio and Joseph Gordon-Levitt), spends an awful lot of time asking questions. In fact, curiosity almost kills Page when dream residue knocks her right off her chair mid-question. So much for knowledge being power or whatever.

Funny or Die created a hilarious supercut of Page's inquisitive musings from the 2010 film, and we're left thinking she is the Nancy Drew of "Inception."

From simple "whys" to none-of-your-business accusations, no topic or question is off limits for Page. Check out this supercut, and take comfort in knowing that "Inception" is such a mind f**k that one of its stars has to constantly be told what is happening.