Take that, DOMA! 'Independence Day 2' Will Feature Gay Character

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Roland Emmerich sure loves blowing up the White House. He's also rubbing the destruction of "DOMA" in the faces of patriotic homophobes everywhere in a really awesome (if unintentional) way.

"Independence Day" is one of the most "Team America: World Police" style movies ever, putting the U.S. President in the action years before W. landed on that aircraft carrier and making sure it was America who ultimately beat down the alien Earth invaders.

It also propelled Will Smith to superstardom (how could anyone have predicted "After Earth" back in 1996?) and gave us one of those badass, eccentric performances from Jeff Goldblum.

Emmerich, who is known for his activism for the LGBT community, cast the openly gay Tony Award-winning Harvey Fierstein in a fairly central supporting role. Fierstein's Marty Gilbert character, though never explicitly identified as gay, has been criticized for being too stereotypical, but it's hard to ignore how progressive it was nevertheless for such a high profile, Middle America-pleasing movie. Just one day before the Supreme Court struck down the so-called Defense of Marriage Act, Emmerich revealed his plans to put a gay character in the sequel.

We can already hear Larry the Cable Guy warming up some "Independence Gay" jokes.

The "White House Down" director didn't drop too many other details in the HuffPost Live interview, such as whether it's Fierstein reprising his role or a new character, but he did confirm that Bill Pullman will return, regardless of the fact that recent reports say Big Willy will be too expensive. (Really? Still? Even after, um, "After Earth"?).

Will the White House get blown up again? Emmerich wouldn't confirm, but he did say "I don't know," which isn't a denial, either!