'One Direction: This is Us' Trailer: Morgan Spurlock Supersizes 1D

This documentary will require 3D glasses. It may also require ear protection.

No, that's not a dig at One Direction's fabulous songs, it's just a point of fact given the insane amount of shrieking that has no doubt been captured on film. In an age where a 100,000 first week (and sometimes less) can get you the #1 spot on Billboard, these dudes have sold a whopping 29 million records since being knighted by Simon Cowell on the UK version of "X-Factor" just a few years ago.

With all the corporate relationships on tap, Morgan Spurlock probably could have included 1D in "The Greatest Movie Ever Sold." But instead, the guy who rose to fame after eating McDonald's every day for a month in "Supersize Me" (which Spurlock's buddies at Hulu have posted, in its entirety, for free!) has turned his camera to Harry and the rest of the crew in what's sure to be the biggest documentary amongst young music fans since... Justin Bieber's 3D documentary.

On August 30, "One Direction: This is Us" will join the Biebs, "Katy Perry: Part of Me" and "Gwar: In Your Face!" amongst 3D music documentaries released in recent years.

OK, we made up that last one. But wouldn't that be great?