'Prince Avalanche' Trailer: Paul Rudd & Emile Hirsch Rock Overalls

The last time an Emile Hirsch character spent a bunch of time in the woods, things didn't exactly end well.

But this isn't "Into the Wild," it's "Prince Avalanche," which looks decidedly more upbeat. This writer was actually among the minority of film critics who liked "Your Highness," but David Gordon Green (not to be confused with David Alan Grier) has returned to his indie writer/director roots, like the days he spent making "All the Real Girls" and "Snow Angels," with this quirky dramadey starring Hirsch and Paul Rudd.

Dressed in overalls (and looking sorta like Super Mario), the pair set out to repaint traffic lines on wilderness roads damaged by recent wildfire. Russ is Alvin and Hirsch is Alvin's girlfriend's brother Lance (say that three times fast). They bicker, argue, break balls and do all sorts of other types of male bonding, ultimately resulting in (wait for it) a sweet friendship. A sampling of those moments appear in this new trailer.

"Prince Avalanche" is due on iTunes/on-demand and in theaters August 9.