'Adore' Trailer: Naomi Watts, Robin Wright Get Their 'Motherlover' On

It looks like someone finally drug an "SNL" digital short into the realm of respectable cinema.

Or at least that's one conclusion we might draw from the new trailer for "Adore," the first English language movie from director Anne Fontaine ("Coco Before Chanel"). And by "English," we mean the Australian version of English, of course. Naomi Watts and Robin Wright star as two lifelong friends whose close relationship gets a little complicated when one of them starts sleeping with the other's son. Take a wild guess what the other mother and the other son end up doing themselves.

The two buff mother-loving surfers in the movie are played by Xavier Samuel (he was in a "Twilight" movie) and James Frecheville ("Animal Kingdom"). The script was written by the Oscar-winning guy who wrote "Dangerous Liaisons," Christopher Hampton (adapted from a novella). In other words, with this caliber of talent, the movie looks to be as highbrow as this sorta thing can get.

True story: When this movie was shown at Sundance, it was originally titled "Two Mothers."

Let's hope Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg don't accuse the makers of "Adore" of biting their style. (The "Adore" trailer is SFW. The below is definitely not).