Anna Kendrick Will Go 'Into the Woods' as Cinderella

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Ever since Disney announced it would film an adaptation of the Broadway classic "Into the Woods," several A-list stars jumped at the opportunity to make the trek — Meryl Streep, Johnny Depp, Chris Pine, Jake Gyllenhaal and Emily Blunt, to name a few. Now, it seems Anna Kendrick is getting fitted for her glass slippers in preparation for a journey into the forest as the film's Cinderella.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Kendrick  is in negotiations to play the "Woods" version of Cinderella. However, there's no glass-slipper-doe-eyed romance here. Cinderella is the apple of an egotistical (and not so monogamous) prince's eye; this leaves poor 'ole Cindy lost and yearning for more (maybe gold slippers?).

"Into the Woods" takes many fairy-tale characters and puts them on one big chessboard. It tells the story of a baker and his wife,  played by James Corden and  Emily Blunt respectively, who venture deep into the woods (hey, that's the title!) to destroy a curse that a witch (Streep, but not Miranda Priestly) placed on the couple. Along the way, they encounter tons of characters from classic fairytales, such as Rapunzel and Little Red Riding Hood. Picture "The Wizard of Oz" sprinkled with pink fairy dust and plenty of cynicism.

Kendrick is no stranger to the Great White Way or singing on film. She's been acting in Broadway musicals for years and recently starred in the aca-fabulous "Pitch Perfect."  She's currently working on "The Last 5 Years," an adaptation of the musical of the same name.

 "Les Misérables" star Daniel Huttlestone is also in early negotiations to play Jack (yes, like the beanstalk) in the film.

"Into the Woods" will be directed by Rob Marshall ("Chicago," "Nine") and is slated for a Christmas 2014 release.