'Cinderella' Finds Its Fairy Godmother in Helena Bonham Carter

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Okay, so it's that kind of fairy tale reboot, then. Well played, Disney.

We're officially ready to hop on-board this pumpkin chariot now that the studio's sent in Helena Bonham Carter to portray the Bippity-Boppity-Boo-ing Fairy Godmother in its new live-action "Cinderella" story.

'Cause, you know, she's magical and all.

The twisty femme joins the cast of Kenneth Branagh's re-telling of the 1950 classic to star alongside Lily James as its titular princess-to-be and Cate Blanchette as the wicked stepmother who wants Richard Madden's princeliness for her own horrible daughters (portrayed by Sophie McShera and Holliday Granger).

Per The Hollywood Reporter, Bonham's version'll be a little more haggard and at the same more involved in Cindy's life than in Disney's animated version. In fact, she'll reportedly be an incognito beggar watching out for the mistreated gal until the time is right for her to reveal all her wondrous abilities and set her on her course to the crown.

As an aside, it's hardly any wonder why the two-time Oscar nominee was plucked for the part; the shoe totally fits.

First of all, she's already got some considerable experience waving a wand about thanks to her "Harry Potter" days.

Bellatrix Lestrange

And there's also the matter of her being quirky enough to add even more pizzazz to the already-fun character.

Not to mention, she and director Branagh already have a working history in place by way of "Frankenstein" and a couple of other random mid-'90s pics.


And whatever you might've thought of Disney's "Alice In Wonderland" redux, you gotta hand it to her for having her Red Queen business on lock.

So ... "Put it together and what have you got?" A pretty win-worthy selection by our estimations.

Post edited to reflect additional details offered up by THR's report.