'This Is the End': The Story Behind the Year's Most Shocking Cameo


Theater-goers who checked out "This Is the End" this weekend were not surprised to find a gaggle of  comedy's finest playing themselves in a post-apocalyptic fight for survival — with Milky Ways. Seth Rogen, James Franco, Jonah Hill, Jay Baruchel and Danny McBride form the end of the world version of *NSYNC and try to maneuver through their sea of troubles with unity in tact. When McBride is banished from the group, he emerges later with his own army. A cannibal army. An angry cannibal army.  S**t just got real.

But the craziness doesn't end there. McBride has casually kidnapped himself a sex slave that he keeps on a leash close to his leg. Donning an S&M-esque mask at first, McBride eventually unveils his captive. He is no other than Magic Mike himself: Yes, Channing Tatum is Danny McBride's sex slave in "This Is the End."

A movie cameo hasn't been this epic since...actually, there is no comparison. This is a secret of massive proportions, and it managed to stay pretty under wraps until the film's release on June 14.

MTV News' Josh Horowitz  sat down with Rogen to discuss the inception of this scandalous cameo, and we learn Mr. Tatum felt right at home crawling on all fours. Get those minds out of the gutter! Or, you know, leave them where they are and watch this interview.