9 Celebrity Superman Fans

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Everybody is a fan of something. Even celebrities are often fans of other celebrities, which is both awesome and awesomely meta.

But of all the things in pop culture people could be fans of, perhaps the most popular is Superman, who gets a modern update this week in "Man of Steel" thanks to super-fans Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan. For 75 years, regular folks and celebrities alike have thrilled to the adventures of the Last Son of Krypton — and they haven't been shy about showing their devotion.

So with that in mind, we thought we'd take a look at some of the most famous Superman fans out there. Check it out, and just think — the guy cosplaying Clark Kent at your midnight showing might be someone famous under those black-rimmed glasses.

9. Jerry Seinfeld

Jerry Seinfeld

One of the best-known Superman fans happens to be one of the biggest television stars of all time. And his eponymous sitcom "Seinfeld" was actually his primary vehicle of expressing his love for the Man of Steel, as Seinfeld made it a running gag that he would sneak a Superman reference — usually visual — into each and every episode. Of course, he did miss a few, but seriously: That's dedication.

8. Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith

Writer/director Kevin Smith has basically been living the fanboy dream for over two decades now. Thanks to the fame and fortune he earned through films like "Clerks," Smith has been able to open his own comic book store, write comics for both DC and Marvel and do all sorts of other amazeballs things — including write a screenplay for a "Superman" movie. Sure, the movie (which was set to star fellow Superman fan Nic Cage — more on him later) ended up being scrapped by Warner Bros., but ask yourself this: Have you ever written a screenplay about Superman? That's a labor of love, even if it happened to be a paid one.

7. Howard Stern

Howard Stern

Howard Stern may be the King of All Media, but even he bows down at the feet of Superman. Stern may not strike most people as a comic nerd, but as most long-time listeners will tell you, he does enjoy discussions about Superman, arguing over everything from Clark Kent's glasses to whether or not Kal-El's origin needs to be told for the billionth time. In fact, that was the subject of this YouTube tirade, which is probably NSFW — because Stern is one Superman fan you don't want to get angry:


6. Jon Bon Jovi

Jon Bon Jovi

While some Superman fans show their love by sneaking references into TV shows or by ranting on the radio about it, Jon Bon Jovi has taken a simpler and more old-fashioned method: a bitchin' Superman tattoo. Which is great, because not only does it look totally cool on stage when he's swinging his guitar around like a maniac, it also satisfies the number one rule of tattoos: Don't get something that will look goofy when you're old. Anchors and skulls may be classic, but is there anything as timelessly iconic as Superman's logo? Bon Jovi doesn't think so, and we tend to agree with him.

5. Shaquille O'Neal

Shaquille O'Neal

Future NBA hall of famer Shaquille O'Neal has a long history of giving himself impressive nicknames, our favorite probably being The Big Aristotle. But it's another nickname that's closest to Shaq's heart: Superman. Not only did Shaq get a prominent Superman tattoo ike Jon Bon Jovi, he also dropped some Kryptonian beats in his video for his rap track "Straight Playin'." Plus, of course, he played Superman knock-off "Steel" in the movie of the same name. Is O'Neal the biggest Superman fan in the world, both literally and figuratively? We're not about to tell him otherwise.


4. Dwight Howard

Dwight Howard

It's hard to say whether NBA center Dwight Howard is more interested in emulating Superman or in emulating Shaquille O'Neal. There's no question, though, that he angered Shaq when he appropriated the Superman nickname, going so far as to don a Superman costume (complete with cape) for the NBA's 2008 Dunk Contest. Given how poorly Howard has performed under pressure, it currently appears as though he's his own Kryptonite, which may be why he briefly attempted to get reporters to call him Iron Man instead last fall. We've got another nickname in mind, though: Bizarro Shaq. Me am zero time champion!

3. Sammy Davis, Jr.:

Sammy Davis Jr.

With superhero movies more popular than ever, it can be easy sometimes to forget just how long these characters have been around and how popular they've been with previous generations. Case in point: Iconic Rat Pack member Sammy Davis Jr., who died way back in 1990, beat everyone else on this list to the punch with his devotion to the Man of Tomorrow. While the rest of the guys on this list were all still in diapers, Davis Jr. was crooning to audiences around the world while sporting his good luck pin: a diamond-encrusted Superman logo. How long until Warner Bros. puts out a "Candy Man" movie?

2. Cam Newton

Cam Newton

Besides Shaq and Howard, there are numerous other sports figures who go by the name of Superman, including NASCAR champ Jimmie Johnson. But Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton deserves special recognition for his instantly iconic — and oddly controversial — touchdown celebration, in which he pretends to tear open his shirt to reveal a Superman costume beneath. Some pundits claim it's bush-league behavior that somehow detracts from his image as a team leader. We claim that those people are poopy heads: It's a celebration worthy of a champion.

1. Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage

Finally, no list of Superman fans would be complete without a special shout-out to the undeniable number-one celebrity Superman maniac of them all, Nic Cage. Cage's devotion to comic books in general (besides appearing in the films as "Ghost Rider," he actually named himself after Marvel hero Luke Cage) and Superman in particular (a million-dollar copy of Action Comics #1 owned by Cage was famously stolen and then recovered) is well documented. So how does he manage to beat out the likes of Seinfeld and Smith for the top spot on our list? Well, in 2005, he and wife Alice named their new son Kal-El. You win, Nic. You win.