'The Frozen Ground' Trailer Covers The Same Ground Again

At the end of the brand new Yahoo! Movies trailer for the upcoming serial killer thriller "The Frozen Ground," star Nicolas Cage grimly intones the question, "have you ever seen anybody do anything like this before?"

Unfortunately, the answer is yes. A bunch of times.

Based on a true story, "The Frozen Ground" tells the tale of a serial killer (John Cusack) who abducts and murders hookers. But when one of them gets away (Vanessa Hudgens), it provides the break needed for one tenacious cop (that's Cage) to finally track down and stop his man.

Or does it?!

Yeah, it does. Set to hit theaters on August 23, "The Frozen Ground" seems to go over the same tired serial killer material as countless other movies and TV shows before it. In a world where "Law & Order SVU" details salacious sex murders every week, this sort of thing just isn't that interesting any more, if it ever was.

Of course, it's possible Cage and Cusack can save this one from mediocrity. But based on this new clip, we're not holding our breaths. Check out the new trailer, which is introduced by a sunnily optimistic Hudgens and see for yourself whether "The Frozen Ground" is breaking new ground — or just covering the same ground once again.