Hugh Jackman and Paul Dano Are 'Prisoners' In Their Own Trailer

Everyone is a prisoner of something. Fate. Zenda. Your own tortured psyche. But for movie stars, there's something even worse than all of those: Being trapped in a trailer that gives away too much of the movie's plot.

And as this new YouTube clip shows, Hugh Jackman, Paul Dano and Jake Gyllenhaal just became "Prisoners" of the Hollywood hype system.

Which is too bad, because "Prisoners" appears to be an interesting movie with a great cast. Here's the premise: Jackman and his family are visiting his buddy Terrence Howard and his family when their two young daughters go missing. They call in the police and Jake Gyllenhaal's eager young Detective Loki (apologies to Tom Hiddleston) quickly narrows in on a suspect: RV-driving weirdo Paul Dano.

Could be interesting, right? Well, it is. But then the trailer shows Jackman deciding to take the law into his own hands by kidnapping and torturing Dano to find the location of his daughter. And before you know it, pow! You've got seen the first three quarters of the film. Spoilers!! About the only twist left is whether or not Jackman pops his Wolverine claws out and stabs Dano.

Regardless, if you enjoy the thought of Jackman righteously screaming in someone's face, then you'll definitely want to see this when it comes out on September 20.

For everyone else, the trailer shows you everything you'll need to know. Check it out — and stop being a prisoner to spoilers.