Glenn Close Joins the 'Guardians of the Galaxy.' Because, Why Not?

[caption id="attachment_179682" align="alignleft" width="300"]Glenn Close Golden Globes 2013 Getty Images[/caption]

If you had to pick one Hollywood star to defend our universe against the tyranny of evil, you could do a whole heck of a lot worse than Glenn Close. After all, with her steely stare and forceful personality, the six-time Oscar nominee is a force to be reckoned with. You want her on that wall. You need her on that wall!

And now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, you have her on that wall, as Close has just signed on to co-star in the upcoming Marvel Studios space epic "Guardians of the Galaxy."

Here's a quick refresher on "Guardians of the Galaxy:" Based on a B-list Marvel comic, the movie tells the story of a menagerie of weirdos — including a half-alien astronaut from Earth, a talking tree and a gun-slinging raccoon — who band together to save the galaxy from evil of the Thanos variety (you know, the guy from the end of "Avengers").

So what does Glenn Close have to do with any of that? Well, according to the report, she'll be playing the leader of the galactic police force known as the Nova Corps. Which is kind of like the Green Lantern Corps, only hopefully without the terrible movie part.

Of course, Close isn't exactly the most obvious choice to appear in a superhero sci-fi blockbuster. But Marvel has gained a reputation for thinking outside the box with their casting (see: Robert Redford in "Captain America: The Winter Soldier"). And Close has done some amazing and surprising work with Disney in the past, as anyone who has seen her take on Cruella De Vil in "101 Dalmations" can attest.

And now they're going to give her superpowers? We're not sure about the rest of the galaxy, but frankly, we feel safer already.