Emily Blunt Gives 'Into the Woods' A Fairy Tale Beginning

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When it comes to hobbies, different people enjoy collecting different things. Some people are really into coins, while others collect comic books. Your little cousin Eddie might be into Pokemon cards, while your Grandma Ethel might enjoy stamps. In the world of collecting, there's something for everyone.

And Disney? Well, as Variety is reporting, Disney is putting together an unmatched collection of superstars for their upcoming fable "Into the Woods" — and Emily Blunt is their latest mega-acquisition.

Move over, Honus Wagner.

"Into the Woods," you may recall, is the upcoming high profile adaptation of the popular 1987 Stephen Sondheim stage musical of the same name. Set to be directed by Rob Marshall (who won a raft of Oscars for his earlier Broadway adaptation, 2002's "Chicago"), "Into the Woods" tells the story of a couple — a baker and his wife — who head into an enchanted forest in order to have a curse removed and end up running into all sorts of shifty fairy tale types.

And it also already boasts a cast to die for. Not only are Chris Pine and Jake Gyllenhaal reportedly in the mix to play a pair of handsome princes, but legends Meryl Streep (who will portray the Witch) and Johnny Depp (the Big Bad Wolf) have both signed on the dotted line as well.

Blunt, meanwhile, is in talks to play the baker's wife, who is the female lead. Just who Disney is targeting to play her husband is still up in the air, but based on the cast they've amassed so far, we're guessing it's going to be someone incredibly awesome. Quick, does anyone know if Leonardo DiCaprio can sing? There's also an open role for a younger woman, playing Little Red (of riding hood fame, of course). Did someone say Quvenzhane?

After all, when you have a collection this nice, nothing but the best will do. We can't wait.