Mashup: Here is 'Space Lincoln' Because Sure, Why Not?

In our continuing coverage of the fact that video editors secretly rule the universe, here is an extremely well-done mashup of "Star Trek" — the William Shatner/Leonard Nimoy versions, of course, because ain't nobody got tiiiiime for Chris Pine — and a gentleman dressed as Abraham Lincoln.

Because what if Lincoln was in space helping Captain Kirk? Haven't we all asked ourselves that question from time to time? Don't answer that, because I'll answer for you: Yes. Yes, we have.

And here's the thing: Abraham Lincoln's already been a f**king vampire hunter, for crying out loud. What exactly is so crazy about him being in space? If there is a third installment of the current "Star Trek" franchise (the one we don't have tiiiime for), is an appearance from Abraham Lincoln really out of the question? Do we truly believe that J.J. Abrams would watch this one-minute video and say, "That's insane, even for me"?

What I'm saying is this: Get ready for "Star Trek: The Rise of Lincoln," in theaters June 2016.