Nicki Minaj Taking Her Wigs to the Big Screen for 'The Other Woman'

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Nicki Minaj's army of barbs are surely rejoicing today because the feisty hip hop artist and "American Idol" judgette is now set to make her real big screen debut, dahling.

Minaj, who voiced the character Steffie for "Ice Age: Continental Drift," has just joined the increasingly odd cast of Nick Cassavetes' "The Other Woman."

Guess starships are meant to a-a-a-act.

The record-setting songstress will star as the know-it-all assistant of a woman (Cameron Diaz) who discovers her main man friend (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) has a wifey (Leslie Mann) back home and another mistress (Kate Upton) on call as well. The scorned threesome of ladies then team up to scheme up a revenge plot against the man ho. Filming is expected to begin in New York in late spring or early summer.

Minaj, born Onika Tanya Maraj, has been hinting at an interest in thespianism for quite a spell, having been educated at the performing arts-centric LaGuardia High School and starring in an off-Broadway play a dozen years back.

She told Entertainment Weekly two summers back, "I went to school to be an actress. I never expected to be a rapper. It just fell in my lap. So I would like to get an acting gig ... That is my long-term goal."

Not to mention, the evidence of her screen skill set's been right under our noses the whole time. Let's review, shall we?

For starters, she totally owns this "get your you-know-what over here right now" pose. Yes ma'am!

Then there's the matter of her incredible Dr. Evil impersonation.

And she's got the "I'm super duper angry" expression down pat.

She can totes cry on cue, too.

And, finally, since she'll probably be doing a little "I told you so"-ing for this movie, there's this.

The only question left is: What sorta whacked out hairdo will she have this time?