Being Bad Never Looked So Good: Batman Villains in 1920s Mugshots

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No, the Joker wasn't busted for hosting a speakeasy with some bathtub gin. But he sure looks like it. Why so serious?

Canadian CG artist Jason Mark (aka Jempix) created a series of Batman villains based off a collection of 1920s vintage Australian mugshots, as one does. Pictures of the shady mates were featured at the Sydney Justice and Police Museum. Over in the Gotham City archives, we've got "The Usual Suspects": Joker (John Doe), Two-Face (Harvey Dent),  Mr. Freeze (Victor Fries), and Penguin (Oswald Cobblepot). Instead of looking like Lindsay Lohan after a wild night of partying, they look pretty dapper and not at all remorseful. Must be the lack of orange jumpsuit.

Moral of the story: it was much cooler to be arrested back in the day when your mugshot looked more like an instagram filter and less like a...well...mugshot.

Check out a few of our favorites below, and the series at Jempix's blog.

Harvey Dent mugshot


Victor Fries mugshot

oswald cobblepot mugshot


Joker Mugshot