'21 Jump Street' Directors Sign on for Sequel

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Now, here's a sequel people actually do want to see.

Phil Lord and Chris Miller, the co-directors on "21 Jump Street," have just accepted the assignment of helming the second installment, which'll send Schmidt (Jonah Hill) and Jenko (Channing Tatum) off to college — or, as Captain Dickson (Ice Cube) phrased it, the place where those two cowboys will be allowed to "drink booze, smoke weed with kids, and f**k anything with a big ass in jeans with low self-esteem."

As SlashFilm details, producer Neal Moritz spilled the beans to Collider about the filmmakers' return, which was uncertain given their current involvement with "The Lego Movie." Evidently, they'll be able to squeeze in their work on the "Jump Street" sequel as post-production work on "Lego" ensues with the VFX team. Hooray!

Moritz also shared a few details about the script, the second draft for which is currently "coming along."

"It leads off where we ended the last film and our guys are going to college. The relationship developed quite a bit in the first movie and now we’re kind of in the marriage phase between the two guys," he explained. "Now they're actual partners, so they're married — what happens once marriage starts? In certain ways, it’s kind of like the 'Seven Year Itch' of police buddy comedies."

The producer added, "What worked so well about the first one was — it was funny, yes, there was good action, yes — but really what worked more than anything was that there was great heart.  That’s the thing we’ve been working really hard on, just try and make sure that the heart of the first one is there for the second one."

He expects the film to go into production as early as September or October for a release in summer 2014.