Rebel Yell: Rebel Wilson's Raunchiest Movie Awards Jokes

If there's one thing we took away from Sunday night's MTV Movie Awards, it's that when Rebel Wilson is around, you would be best off putting earmuffs over young ears or shooing sensitive listeners away.

Wilson, who hosted last night's festivities, was in rare form, tossing off often raunchy one-liners left and right.

"You wanna give me an Australian kiss?" she asked a shocked Zac Efron while accepting the Best Breakthrough Performance Award. "It's like a French kiss but down under."

Efron's eyebrows weren't the only ones that raised at the line, as well as many others, last night. As a special favor to Rebel's fans, MTV put together a supercut of Wilson's raunchiest, most hilarious one-liners of the night. Check it out above, after making sure you've locked the doors tight against any youngins.