Harmony Korine Writing Book With Riff Raff, Because Of Course

[caption id="attachment_172773" align="alignleft" width="300"]Riff Raff & Harmony Korine Getty Images[/caption]

"Spring Breakers" has been one of the more buzzed-about movies of 2013, but arguably the best part of the film was the surprising performance of James Franco as "Alien," a St. Petersburg gangsta obsessed with all the s**t he has.

Infamous rapper Riff Raff has repeatedly claimed that he was not only the inspiration for Alien, but that he was offered the role before Franco, and though one look at the guy makes the "inspiration" claims kind of difficult to argue, director Harmony Korine has denied any suggestions of Riff Raff's potential casting. Their disagreement has been, at times, contentious. (Riff Raff even "reviewed" the movie for us, as part of our Rappers Review Movies series.)

So they're writing a book together now, of course, as first noted by the Hollywood Reporter. The book will reportedly revolve around Korine's interpretations of Riff Raff's tweets, which are often unintelligible, to put it generously.

Here's one from Wednesday (his username is @JODYHiGHROLLER with the name "Codeine Olajuwon," which is actually kind of clever):

What the hell is a Candy Clam Chowder Ferrari, you ask? Beats us. Your move, Harmony.