'This Is the End' Red-Band Trailer: Emma Watson Steals The Show (And Supplies)

When it comes to surviving an apocalypse, there are three keys every person should know. Number one: Stay calm. Number two: Always boil your water, because there's really no way of telling what kind of microbes and stuff might be in it. And most importantly of all, number three: Do not under any circumstances mess with Emma Watson.

Because as the new NSFW red band trailer for "This Is The End" shows, Hermione is totally willing to kick your ass.

Set to hit theaters on June 14, "This Is The End" is a high concept comedy starring a bevy of comedians and Hollywood types — including Seth Rogen, Danny McBride, Jonah Hill, Jay Baruchel and Craig Robinson among others — as versions of themselves. Gathered together at a crazy party thrown by James Franco, the gang suddenly has to face the unthinkable when the end of the world abruptly arrives.

And that means not only battling aliens, meterorites and dinosaurs, but also facing the most dangerous menace of all: Hermione wielding a fire axe.

So check out the new trailer for "This Is the End" and find out why sometimes, the worst thing about the apocalypse is surviving it.