'Spring Breakers' Tribute: Grillz on Other Movie Characters

[caption id="attachment_171569" align="alignleft" width="300"]James Franco Grillz ATO[/caption]

James Franco brought many, uh, distinctive features to his role as Alien, the gun-toting, dreadlocked drug n' arms dealer and part-time rapper of "Spring Breakers." But what's probably most memorable about Alien is the fact that his smile could make you go blind if the light were hitting his mouth just right.

In honor of Alien's trading of boring ol' pearly whites for a tricked-out metal grin, we reimagined a few other movie characters that might benefit from a a set of grillz as well. We actually wouldn't have been surprised to see any of these people in any of the many "Spring Breakers" party scenes.

Freddy Krueger


Star Trek

Man of Steel

Olsen Twins

Willy Wonka

Quvenzhane Wallis