Judging 15 Actors Who Went Blond For a Role

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Changing appearances for the sake of entertainment is nothing new in Hollywood; it's all part of the gig. But when professional heartthrob Ryan Gosling tweaks his look, disgruntled fans are going to have something to say about it.

In "The Place Beyond the Pines," Gosling sports a bleach-blond 'do for his role as a motorcycle racer-turned-bank robber. As photos started surfacing during the film's production, people were wondering what the heck was going on with his hair. Serious drama.

But since Gosling isn't the first to drastically dye his hair for a film, we rounded up a few other male counterparts who didn't necessarily pull off going blond, to make him (and everyone else) feel a little better about it.

Javier Bardem, 'Skyfall'

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Lucky for Bardem, the character of Raoul Silva in the 007 flick was just as eerie as his haircut and color. Some called it "deliciously wicked," while others compared him to characters like Stuart Smalley on SNL. The only real travesty about Bardem's golden locks in "Skyfall," though, was that he was snubbed from getting a golden trophy for his performance as one of the creepiest villains ever.

Better or Worse Blond: If we had to choose between his hair in this film or "No Country For Old Men," Silva wins by a skyfall … er, landslide.

Nicolas Cage, 'Drive Angry'

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In "Drive Angry," Cage escapes from Hell to vindicate his daughter's murder and find his kidnapped granddaughter. Maybe because he came from Hell, there was a need to make him look like it, too, because when Cage showed up to WonderCon back in 2010 with fried, shoulder-length blond hair, the masses were asking, "WTF?" Internet polls on his new look surfaced soon after, but the Washington Post nailed it when they suggested the "hair-do was no 'National Treasure.'"

Better or Worse Blond: Uh, worse.

Wesley Snipes, 'Demolition Man'

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Wesley Snipes may have played the ultra-violent Simon Phoenix in "Demolition Man," but he gave some people a hearty laugh thanks to his unfortunate coiffe in the film. Named one of the "worst celebrity blond hair moments" ever, one critic couldn't get in enough ROTFLs when talking about Snipes' "Demolition" hair.

Better or Worse Blond: Oomph. Worse.

Bradley Cooper, 'Hit & Run'

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Obviously, Cooper's bleached dreadlocks in "Hit & Run" weren't taken into consideration when he was voted "Sexiest Man Alive." Playing a bank robber with terrible style (yellow-tinted sunglasses included), one has to wonder what's up with giving the bad guys a crappy blond look. Chalking it up to a casting choice by Dax Shepherd, one website said he had "a lot to answer for" after making Cooper so "unrecognizable."

Better or Worse Blond: Way, way worse.

Jared Leto, 'Fight Club'

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Everything about "Fight Club" is so badass that even when Jared Leto appeared as Angel Face with his platinum hair and eyebrows, it wasn't as much of a shock as it was with those who've done it before him. While no one seemed to mind the change in hair or brow color — especially since he tends to be a chameleon on-screen and on-stage — it really didn't matter since his face was bashed in so hard during one fight scene that anything else was barely noticeable.

Better or Worse Blond: Factoring in the broken nose and non-existent eyebrows, worse.

Robert Downey Jr. & Jack Black, 'Tropic Thunder'

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Downey Jr. had a lot more going on in "Tropic Thunder" than just switching up his hair color. After starting off as a blond white guy, his character completely changed skin color in order to score the black male lead in a Vietnam War film. Debatable which way he looked better, but Downey Jr. may have been trumped by Jack Black's platinum spiked 'do. Maybe Black should've kept his hair blond long past the film's wrap, because his makeover had him being compared to the likes of David Beckham and Brad Pitt.

Better or Worse Blond: Downey — meh. Black — if it makes him look like Beckham or Pitt, then better.

Matt Damon, 'Invictus'

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In "Invictus," Damon plays the captain of a South African Rugby team that he leads to victory. He bulked up and dyed his hair for the role, but apparently his hair wasn't up to par with what "Rugby Hair" should be, and there's even a site dedicated to just that. Questioning whether Damon perfected the right hair for the part, RugbyHair.com criticized him for not getting the "post match brushed-forward, tuft-on-top, blond hair with natural dark roots" look at all.

Better or Worse Blond: Worse, only because the experts over at Rugby Hair say he did it all wrong.

Peter Facinelli, 'Twilight'

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If it's one thing that stood out from the pale skin and awkward eye color in the "Twilight" films, it was the shock of all that plus the color of Peter Facinelli's hair. During an interview, he admitted he'd never gone that blond for a role, saying, "When I was blond ... a lot of the guys wanted to kick my ass. You look like a pansy, and you could tell I was in the salon for six hours."

Better or Worse Blond: So much worse. Avoid the ass-kicking, Fac, and never do it again.

Kellan Lutz, 'Syrup'

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Long gone is the pale, dark vampire Emmett Cullen. For his upcoming role in "Syrup," a drama about a marketing grad who comes up with a million-dollar concept, Lutz switched gears and hit the other end of the color spectrum. Taking it to back in the day, he drew comparisons to Justin Timberlake's *NSync moments of frosty tipped curls, even getting called a "hot mess" after stepping out with a blond 'fro.

Better or Worse Blond: He looks good blond, but the curls have to go.

Guy Pearce, 'Memento'

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It may seem unfair to focus on hair in "Memento" when there are so many brilliant other things about the Christopher Nolan thriller, but regardless of what Pearce looked like, the film was a success. 92% rating on Rotten Tomatoes? Check. Oscar noms? Check. Guy Pearce giving an awesome performance, regardless of bad hair? Check.

Better or Worse Blond: Worse.

Tom Felton, 'Harry Potter'

[caption id="attachment_171600" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Draco Malfoy Warner Bros.[/caption]

It's almost hard to imagine what Tom Felton, aka Draco Malfoy, looks like outside of his glorious platinum evilness. Having played Potter's bully for close to ten years, Felton was pretty much locked to bleached blondness for a long, long time. He even said that he'd been dying his hair for so long, he "couldn't remember" its natural color. Consensus rules: one poll voted him 68 percent better as a blond.

Better or Worse Blond: We're used to it, and agree with the masses. Better.

Ryan Reynolds, 'Paper Man'

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The other Canadian Ryan bleached his hair long before Gosling had to. Prior to his days as the Green Lantern, Reynolds played an imaginary superhero with an interesting getup in "Paper Man." And just like Gosling, he can also claim Emma Stone as a co-star ... she, too, had a role in the forgotten film. While no one knows what happened to "Paper Man" after it played the festival circuit, Slash Film seemed to find Reynolds "goofy," but "super-charming as the bleach-blond and spandex-clad superhero."

Better or Worse Blond: Worse.

Josh Hutcherson, 'The Hunger Games'

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Peeta's blondness wasn't going to change just because a dark-haired actor was cast in the book-to-movie role. So when Josh Hutcherson stepped out with his hair all light and whatnot, no one was quite sure how to feel about the fake-looking dye job. Acceptable or not, Hutcherson bleached it all over again for the next film in the "Hunger Games" series, "Catching Fire."

Better or Worse Blond: Call it a draw.

Chris Hemsworth, 'Thor'

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The Australian Hemsworth is already fair-haired, so there weren't many complaints about the long bleached locks he sported to play the Marvel Comics superhero. In fact, he — and many others — liked it enough that Hemsworth did it again for both "The Avengers" and the upcoming "Thor: The Dark World."

Better or Worse Blond: Hemsworth looks good regardless. Biased? Maybe.

Brad Pitt, 'Troy'

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The real battle may be between the two blond muscle men of "Troy" and "Thor"; Pitt's Achilles could easily give the mighty Asgard warrior a run for his money. Even though he didn't stray too far from his usual golden-boy good looks, Pitt didn't win over everyone with his "Troy" makeover. In a Guardian poll, Pitt's bleached hair was considered less than godly and voted lowest on the list of his "Best Cuts."

Better or Worse Blond: Super spray tan + platinum hair = too much to handle. Worse.