Who Are the Other Two 'Spring Breakers'?

[caption id="attachment_169144" align="alignleft" width="300"]Spring Breakers A24[/caption]

Take a look at this poster for Harmony Korine's latest that-just-blew-my mind movie, "Spring Breakers." No, look up. At their faces.

Now that you've managed to focus above the neck, let's take a tally of how many of these ladies you actually recognize. There's Vanessa Hudgens, the "bad girl" of Disney, voted most likely to have a Mickey Mouse silhouette branded on her ass underneath what little of that bikini exists, and Selena Gomez, who probably politely but forcefully declined that same brand. But, um, there are still two chicks left. Much like the aftermath of a drunken spring break romp, you may be left wondering who these people are and how we got here.

It's time to meet the other spring breakers, the ones the Mouse House hasn't formally introduced you to: Ashley Benson and Rachel Korine.

ashley benson spring breakersAshley Benson

Age: 23

Character in "Spring Breakers": Brit

Bathing suit color of choice: Pink

Level of naughtiness in "Spring Breakers": Robs a chicken shack, forces James Franco's character to fellate a gun.

Where you might know her from: Plays Hanna in ABC Family's "Pretty Little Liars."

Best quote regarding "Spring Breakers": "There wasn’t a lot of dialogue in the script, to be honest."

rachel korine spring breakersRachel Korine

Age: 28

Character in "Spring Breakers": Cotty

Bathing suit color of choice: Blue

Level of naughtiness in "Spring Breakers": Drives the getaway car for the chicken shack robbery, takes off her top.

Where you might know her from: She's married to director Harmony Korine, and their 14-year age gap has kept them firmly within range of Hollywood tabloids' sideeye. Resume-wise, she also keeps it in the family, appearing mainly in her husband's films.

Best quote regarding "Spring Breakers": "I felt an almost maternal role in making everyone feel comfortable and safe."

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