Stanley Tucci Hates 3D and Hopes It Dies

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Stanley Tucci is cool. Just look at his resume: "The Hunger Games," "Captain America," "Easy A." And that's just in the last five years! Dude even has a cookbook! So when Tucci offers up his opinion on something, you bet fans are going to take it seriously.

Which is why the folks behind his current effort, "Jack the Giant Slayer," must be covering their faces right now, because in a new interview with Den of Geek about the movie's 3D effects, Tucci made it very clear that he thinks 3D "makes you nauseous" and is a total "gimmick."

Way to sell it, Stanley!

Not that we have any problem with Tucci telling it like it is. On the contrary, we love it when stars speak their mind instead of just repeating the company line. And to be fair, Tucci does think his own film, of course, looks totally rad in 3D. "I also think the way it’s shot is quite beautiful, it’s quite hyper-real, particularly with the 3D," Tucci said. "I think it will look beautiful. It will look beautiful!"

So why does Tucci hate 3D if it can look beautiful, at least when he's in it? Simple: Filming in 3D is a giant pain in the ass.

"It’s horrible! It’s really not pleasant. It takes a really long time, and anybody who tells you different, who says 'aw, this is great' — don’t believe them. It takes a long time to shoot a movie anyway, but this just makes it a lot harder."

Of course, most film fans don't really care about that, they just want to see something cool like Thor's hammer hitting them in the face. But even on an aesthetic level, Tucci isn't much of a fan.

"I hope it does decline, honestly," the star admitted. "I think for certain things 3D’s really fun, you know. It’s really cool. But it makes you nauseous, and to me it’s a gimmick. And I don’t put a lot of stock in gimmicks."

We sort of agree, though given how badly "Jack the Giant Slayer" has performed at the box office, maybe it actually needs more gimmicks. 4D, anyone?

Just don't tell Stanley.