'Star Wars' + Schoolhouse Rock = Best Learning Device Ever

We all remember how we learned about bills becoming laws or what a conjunction is. Not by paying attention in class of course. But thanks to Schoolhouse Rock!

But what happens when Schoolhouse Rock gets combined with Star Wars? We get "Star Wars Rock," an awesome video by YouTube user OneMinuteGalactica that teaches us about adjectives. It has all the catchiness of a Schoolhouse tune minus the annoying animations, plus Luke Skywalker, Yoda, R2-D2, and all your other Star Wars  favorites. And you thought learning couldn't be fun.

In "Episode II, Revenge of the Adjectives," we cover how to describe people, places, and things in a galaxy far, far away. The groovy jingle from Schoolhouse Rock goes perfectly with clips from Star Wars. What could be a more accurate description of the terrifying Wampa from "The Empire Strikes Back" than as a big, ugly bear? Disclaimer: Not sure if Schoolhouse Rock had words like blue-uppy, moonish, and spacestationy in mind when teaching kids about grammar, but, hey, you work with what you've got!