Will and Jaden Smith Do Some Father-Son-Monster Bonding in 'After Earth' Trailer

Every year, untold thousands of American fathers and sons embark on a ritual bonding trip that often involves camping in the wilderness, hiking, fishing and other manly rites of passage. But you know what would make that stuff even cooler? If they were being attacked by hordes of mutated animals.

At least, that's the takeaway from the new trailer for Will and Jaden Smith's "After Earth."

Courtesy of Apple Trailers, the latest look at this summer's M. Night Shyamalan sci-fi epic features a closer look at the father-son bonding element of "After Earth." Turns out that the story starts with the duo heading off into space for a little face time to repair their unhappy relationship. And then, of course, it ends with them trying to repair a crashed spaceship on the surface of a deadly future Earth filled with bizarre monsters.

All of which makes "After Earth," which arrives on June 7, the perfect movie for Father's Day this year. So check out the new trailer and then give your own dad a hug.

Because chances are, that guy would literally fight a horde of irradiated baboons for you, just like Will Smith.