Introducing the New Rap Battle Champion: Bane

We've heard of epic rap battles before, but there's one flow master you really don't want to challenge — because he will quite literally break your back if you do.

Yes folks, it's Bane, the scourge of "The Dark Knight Rises" and one of the most infamously mumblemouthed characters in film history. And given how indecipherable most of his dialogue was in that film, chances are you probably didn't realize that behind that mask resides a true hip-hop genius.

But now a new viral video from the Auralnauts has revealed that Bane wasn't garbling his words — he was actually rapping on such a high level that his flow was beyond human comprehension. Don't believe it? Then check out this video and see for yourself why Gotham has a new champion behind the mic.

Sorry, Jay-Z, but you just got served.