REALLY? 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' Combat Another Delay

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Despite releasing "Pain & Gain" later this year, producer Michael Bay has so far inflicted much pain and very little gain upon hapless "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" fans.

First the uproar over the turtles being aliens, then word that the script was shite, followed by interminable delays, and now The Hollywood Reporter says the new live-action/CGI hybrid film has been delayed yet again to June 6, 2014.

At one time simply titled "Ninja Turtles," the film has gone back to basics and back to the drawing board over fan complaints, which had caused it to jettison a Christmas 2013 release date in favor of a May 16, 2014 one. However, when Legendary announced its "Godzilla" for that date, it was just too much rebooted reptile for one release slot.

Katana blades at the ready, the Turtles are now ready to battle off other summer blockbuster competition, and with the WTF casting of Megan "I think Michael Bay is a Nazi" Fox as their news reporter companion April O'Neil, these heroes in a half-shell just have to hope director Jonathan Liebesman's vision isn't half-assed.

Is it too late to recommend that Bay and Liebesman cast actor Jerry Ferrara as the mo-cap/voice performer for Donatello, that way he can get the same question over and over and over at press events: "So you play a character named 'Turtle' on 'Entourage,' but now you're actually playing a turtle. What's that transition been like for you?"