Infographic: Proof That 'The Hangover' and '21 and Over' Are Basically the Same Movie

[caption id="attachment_166592" align="alignleft" width="300"]21 and Over Relativity Media[/caption]

"Man, let's go see a movie! You know, the one where a bunch of bros go out to celebrate another bro's milestone. Madness, shots, nudity and general hijinks follow! Laugh riot!"

"Yeah, dude! 'The Hangover' was so great, wasn't it?"

"No, I was talking about '21 and Over.'"

"You're blowing. My mind."

Odds are, many movie lovers will have variations on this conversation over the release of the new one crazy night party movie "21 and Over," starring Skylar Astin, Miles Teller and Justin Chon. The boys get together to celebrate Chon's character's 21st birthday, and some crazy nonsense goes down. Kids these days!

If this plot summary seems spookily similar to the 2009 hit bro comedy "The Hangover," in which a bachelor party gone awry results in a missing groom and mega mayhem, that's because, well, it is. The two flicks have much in common, including screenwriters Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, who wrote both scripts. (Lucas and Moore also claimed directing credits for "21 and Over," apparently using many lessons learned at the feet of Todd Phillips, who helmed "The Hangover.")

NextMovie, using science, was able to whip up a graphical representation of just how similar the two party movies are. Check it out below: