This Animal Looks Like Baby Yoda

Too cute kinkajou is! In fact, this particular baby kinkajou reminds us of one vertically-challenged Jedi Master in particular: Yoda! Well, Buzzfeed, thinks so, and we agree, considering the bottle-suckling baby kinkajou looks just a tad smaller, fuzzier, and more huggable than the real Yoda.

What's funny is that the kinkajou usually grows up to look more like a ferret than our favorite "Star Wars" sage. Their ears eventually bend more upwards than out, its eyes wide and vulnerable like an adorable rodent. Yoda, on the other hand, grows gray hair and develops a skin tone that can be described as "puke green."

Not that he's any less cute than the baby kinkajou. Because, let's get real, you'd hug the sh*t out of both of them.