Steven Spielberg Emancipates Free 'Lincoln' DVDs to Schools

[caption id="attachment_157895" align="alignleft" width="300"]Daniel Day-Lewis in Lincoln Disney[/caption]

"Okay, class, today we have a very special substitute teacher. Please be on your best behavior for Mr. Day-Lewis."

If only school was like that in real life… but now it is! Daniel Day-Lewis' portrayal of Honest Abe is about to become a part of the curriculum as MSN reports that Steven Spielberg is sending free copies of his movie "Lincoln" to classrooms across the country.

"As more and more people began to see the film, we received letters from teachers asking if it could be available in their classrooms," Spielberg wrote in a statement. "We realized that the educational value that 'Lincoln' could have was not only for the adult audiences — who have studied his life in history books — but for the young students in the classroom as well."

The Civil War drama, which details our 16th president's Herculean effort to bring about the Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution, is up for 12 Academy Awards this year including Best Picture and Best Actor, which will be known hereafter as "The Daniel Day-Lewis Trophy For Excellence in Actoring."

Although it hasn't happened yet, we'd like to imagine Ben Affleck mailing out copies of "Argo" to various police departments to prove that he was robbed of a Best Director nomination.