Watch Josh Duhamel on 'All My Children' in 1999

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Josh Duhamel definitely knows how to woo the ladies. Before anyone could "Win a Date with Tad Hamilton," the actor's very first role was on a daytime soap opera smooth-talking women to get what he wanted.

In 1999, a blonde, 27-year-old Duhamel got his big break as playboy Leo du Pres on "All My Children." Love, betrayal, and revenge were all part of Leo's storyline for three years until he was killed off in 2002, which really meant Duhamel decided to leave the small screen so he could pursue bigger things. Luckily, it worked in his favor.

After "Tad Hamilton," he starred in the horror flick "Turistas." Duhamel then took on the part of Lennox in the "Transformers" films, and even dabbled in some rom coms, including "When in Rome," and "New Year's Eve." Due to (female) popular demand, Duhamel returned to "All My Children" in 2011, resurrecting Leo from the dead for a brief guest appearance before the show ended its 41-year run on television.

In "Safe Haven," the latest Nicholas Sparks romance novel-turned-feature film, Duhamel stars opposite Julianne Hough as the resident hot guy who sweeps her off her feet. If the role does for him what "The Notebook" did for Ryan Gosling, Duhamel is well on his way to getting his own devoted "Hey, Girl"-type website. Plus, it seems there will be no shortage of shirtless moments to draw from thanks to his days on "AMC." So, let's revisit his first scene ever on the daytime drama for a quick reminder on how he manages to make the ladies swoon. Play on, playa: