Jedi Kitten Totally Goes to the Dark Side

The force is quite strong with this four-legged furball.

Remember when Volkswagen made a funny during 2011's Super Bowl commercial spree by having a Darth Vader costume-clad child's dreams of exercising some Jedi Knight telekinesis skills come true?

Well, this is like that. Only, it's got a kitten! And a fish!

"Jedi Kitten with the Force," as the vid is called, chronicles the malfeasance of one naughty little feline who terrorizes his owner — er, the poor schmuck who thinks he's runs the house — and the guy's pet goldfish after sampling a little clip from "Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones."

"Powerful you have become, Dooku, the dark side I sense in you," says Yoda on the cat's computer screen.

Kitty Kitty then sees a window (literally) of opportunity to try his paw at a little trouble-making and begins taking it out on the little swimmer whilst licking his chops. As a general rule, cats don't prefer the water, but the paws-free ability to lift the little blooper dry from his tank solves that little dilemma quite nicely, yes? Poor fish doesn't even stand a chance.

Even the owner's out of his league with Jedi Kitten, learning the hard way not to interrupt his use of the force.

The only one who walks away unscathed is the Ewok who makes a random cameo at 0:20.