Sundance Questions and Answers With Kristen Bell

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The stars have traveled to the sleepy town of Park City, Utah to once again celebrate movies and piss off the locals at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. We caught up with one of our favorite sexy funnygirls Kristen Bell, who is here with the coming-of-age tale "The Lifeguard." (Being a Sundance movie, how depressing it is? She’ll tell ya in a sec.)

The film stars Bell as a nearing 30-year-old who returns home to live with her parents and hopes to find herself through late nights out with friends and her high school job as a lifeguard.

Here Bell, who is six-and-a-half months pregnant, talks about how fiance Dax Shepard supports her in her time of need and why she wasn’t sweating the wedgies from the lifeguard suit.

What are you craving at the moment?

Hmmm. Nothing, believe it or not.

Is that just today?

No, I haven't had any cravings at all.

What is Dax doing to support you at this time? For example, some husbands stop drinking throughout the pregnancy.

Dax doesn't drink so that was just lucky. But he will indulge with me. If I feel like ordering a meal-and-a-half he'll indulge. He never makes me feel bad. He'll eat along side me no problem.

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How depressing is "The Lifeguard" from a scale of 1 - slit-your-wrists?

Oooh. Um. You'll get the razor out. I don't know if you'll actually slit your wrist but the razor will be out. That's how depressing it is. There are depressing moments, there are funny moments. But it's relatable in the sense that we all have to realize when our adolescence ends and our adulthood begins and what does that mean and are we immediately supposed to have it together as adults. So I think it does cause a bit of examination after the movie. So just glance at the razor.

Your character, Leigh, was valedictorian of her high school in the movie, were you voted anything in high school?

I definitely wasn't voted valedictorian. Mine was like a vanity one, like Best Looking. I wish I had a different one.

What was the most annoying thing about wearing the lifeguard one-piece bathing suit?

Not filling it out. I mean they handed me this "Baywatch" bathing suit and they said, "Do your best to fill this out." And I was like, "I'll try." I mean it was so hot in Pittsburgh so I was the luckiest one on set because I had the least clothes on.

Did you have someone on "wedgie watch" for you?

The wedgie was always happening so no one needed to tell me. I was well aware.

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Best Sundance moment?

I liked coming with Dax three years ago with his film "The Freebie" because I wasn't responsible for doing press or promoting anything so I could just hang back.

If you had your own festival like Robert Redford, what would be the name of the festival and where would it be?

Festival name would be Party Time and honestly it would be as close to my house as possible. In fact, maybe just in my backyard, and it would be a 24-hour fest of non-stop movies showing.

Any heroic moments in the snow?

Well, being married to a gear-head we do a lot of snowmobiling and I have been responsible for digging not only my own but also friend's snowmobiles out of the snow.


No. But I'm told they couldn't have done it without me. And I've caught three or four feet of air on my snowmobile so I think that's my heroic moment.

And finally, what is your porn star name? (First pet / Street you grew up on)

Chelsea Huntington, which is a great porn star name. I didn't know it was so sexy.