Halle Berry Phones In For 'The Call' Trailer

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What jerk would kidnap the cute kid from "Little Miss Sunshine"?

It's a cruel world filled with rampaging serial killers in "The Call," though luckily Halle Berry is on the case to take on evil as only a 911 dispatcher can.

In the new thriller from director Brad Anderson, Berry plays a veteran emergency operator who inadvertently causes the death of a caller, a mistake from which she looks to be redeemed when a kidnapping situation (involving "Little Miss Sunshine" herself, Abigail Breslin) once again puts her in contact with the killer.

Yeah, it's the kind of movie where perfect cell phone service at all times is essential, as well as the ability for both parties to always hear each other perfectly, even during high-speed car chases.

Brad Anderson has made some pretty terrific films, including "Session 9," "The Machinist" and "Transsiberian." However, "Vanishing on 7th Street" left much to be desired, and "The Call" (originally titled "The Hive" — maybe it once involved killer bees?) looks to be pretty by-the-numbers. Meanwhile, Halle seems to dig these write-off projects, as in many ways this looks to be a land-lubber version of "Dark Tide," the mediocre shark thriller in which her character was also haunted by some past tragedy.

Check out the trailer below, courtesy of Yahoo! Movies. "The Call" hits theaters on March 15.