'Inception' Finally Explained in Honest Trailer

There were a lot of confusing and intriguing sci-fi films last year — "Looper" and "Prometheus" both come to mind right off the bat — but as interesting as those films might have been, frankly we didn't really have the energy to even try to figure them out. The reason? We're still busy puzzling over 2010's "Inception." What does it mean?

Just think of all the mental anguish we could have been spared if only the new "Inception" clip from the folks at Honest Trailers had been available back then.

Yes, after a deluge of fan demand, the Honest Trailers team has put together its take on what an honest trailer for "Inception" might have looked like. For one, thing, as the trailer explains, it's "a supposedly original film that's actually just 'The Matrix,' but with creepier extras."

Ahead: Well-placed and well-earned digs at everything from the film's terrible driving to Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character's thankless task of explaining the plot to the audience one chunk of exposition at a time. Blah blah only the dreamer knows blah! You tell 'em, JoGo.

Of course, we still have a billion or so questions about "Inception," but hey. Thanks to this clip, at least we can laugh about our confusion now. (Still waiting to find out if the top stops spinning, though. Oh, the intrigue!)