'Inception' Sound Infiltrates Movie Trailers Everywhere

Hey guys, remember back in the day when movie trailers used to have music and dialogue and stuff to get you excited? Those were good times, right? But now that we're living in the future, Hollywood has dumped all that old fashioned nonsense in favor of something a lot more exciting: The deep electric bleating of an abused foghorn.

Call it the "Inception" sound. And call it incredibly annoying.

"Inception," of course, wasn't the first film to use what sounds like a robot's fart to accompany their trailer. But the Christopher Nolan film became so successful that copycat editors all over Hollywood began adding in random "Inception" sounds to just about every action and sci-fi teaser in existence. Some call it art. Others call it noise pollution.

Whatever you call it though, the folks on YouTube have put together a clip featuring some of the most prominent and egregious examples. Check it out — and get ready to cover your ears.