Holy Plot Holes, Batman! 'TDKR' Gets an Honest Trailer

[caption id="attachment_156646" align="alignleft" width="300"]The Dark Knight Rises Warner Bros.[/caption]

"The movie that will mildly entertain you while you're watching it, but will ultimately anger and disappoint you when you really start to think about it."

We've apparently reached the point where it's okay/cool to criticize/make fun of "The Dark Knight Rises," as Screen Junkies has unleashed a Gotham City edition of its not always accurate yet almost always entertaining mashup series, Honest Trailers.

The final installment in Christopher Nolan's Bat-trilogy gets put through the ringer as the ever dramatic-sounding narrator points out the various plot holes, character inconsistencies, pacing issues and, of course, Bane's sometimes indecipherable dialogue that abound in "The Dark Knight Rises," weaknesses that certainly didn't keep us from enjoying and admiring what was undoubtedly a near-insurmountable cinematic endeavor ... and an emotionally satisfying one, at that.

Really, a lot of these pokes and prods are just that — rabble-rousing meant to rile you up and come to the defense of this summer's other great comic book movie. And, as always with Honest Trailers, it comes across more as tongue-in-cheek fun than true criticism.

Anyway, you "TDKR" detractors may find all of this to be spot-on ... and you staunch champions are sure to become enraged. There's room for both — and any and all in-between. Watch below.