5 Questions With 'Deadfall' Star Eric Bana

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This weekend's release of "Deadfall" marks one of Eric Bana's darkest roles in recent memory.

In the film, the former Hulk plays Addison, a heist man who just robbed a casino with his sister (played by Olivia Wilde) near the Canadian border. But when their car is totaled in a blizzard, the two are forced to split up, leading Addison on a murderous rampage as he tries to make the border.

The Australian actor sat down with NextMovie to talk about his latest role, why he has a soft spot for the Buffalo Bills and why he has no regrets playing the Hulk.

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This is a pretty twisted character you play in "Deadfall." Was that what interested you in the role?

I don't think it was the dark and twisted part of the character that attracted me, I just think it was a really well written script with really well detailed characters. I don't think I had that many questions for [screenwriter] Zack Dean and [director] Stefan Ruzowitzky after I read the script. Sometimes you read a script and you have a million questions and notes, and I just felt it was so well written that I didn't have any. I think that's the thing that attracted me more so than the fact that it's dark. I know that's always fun, but essentially it was just how good the dialogue was and the structure.

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Looking at your upcoming credits on IMDb, it looks like you're going to play Elvis Presley in the upcoming "Elvis & Nixon." Is this true?

No, it's not. It was something I was attached to for a period of time, but I'm actually shooting a film in London. It's a legal thriller with Rebecca Hall [called "Closed Circuit"].

What's the one thing you always try to do when you're in NYC?

I'm a big walker, so I just walk. I always trudge around Manhattan. I did go see the Broadway production of "Once" last night, which I absolutely loved.

I've heard that you’re a Buffalo Bills fan. As an Aussie, I would think you’d just laugh at how American football is played.

I'm not a Bills fan, but I understand them. A dear friend of mine is from Buffalo. I subject him to trials and tribulations of my Australian football team back home, and there are similarities to my football team's inability to win a championship and the Bills, so we both share our pain.

Your portrayal of the Hulk in 2003 got a pretty bad rap. Do you have any regrets playing the big green guy?

You know what, for me that was 10 years ago, so it's not something I think about. Here's what I know: I've been very fortunate to be able to be very diverse in my acting choices, and let's just say that wouldn't have been the case had the Hulk followed me around.

(Originally published on April 28, 2012, as part of our coverage of the Tribeca Film Festival)