'Lincoln' Screenwriter Thinks Honest Abe Was Gay (But Not for Film)

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"Lincoln" screenwriter Tony Kushner has a mighty interesting theory about old "Honest Abe" and his presidential bedroom preferences, but the openly gay writer elected not to out the prez by way of Steven Spielberg's new film... because he thinks the guy probably wasn't knocking boots anyone during the war-riddled time period of the movie.

Kushner told Gold Derby that, from looking at historical evidence, he indeed believes Lincoln was either gay or bisexual during his lifetime, but he justified not writing about it for the pic by saying "I find it difficult to believe that Lincoln was banging anybody [while] ground to a pulp by the war and by the pressures of his job."

That evidence includes rumored bedfellowships with a bodyguard and another friend, and a poem Lincoln wrote about how "Billy has married a boy."

Daniel Day Lewis, widely considered a lock for Oscar this awards season, stars as the character for the film but may or may not share Kushner's theories.

"I don't say in my movie whether the Lincoln character was gay or straight," Kushner said. "You can ask Daniel what he was playing, but it did not seem to me a thing to make a movie about now."

While "Lincoln" might not be an expository piece on Lincoln's sexuality - darn! - Kushner does hope someone'll give the subject some effort. "I think people are absolutely right to make speculative fiction about Lincoln's sexuality," he said. "There's enough evidence to speculate. There are, unfortunately, no memoirs, no diaries, nothing to say for sure."