Andrew Garfield Shows Us His Moves... and His Belly

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Andrew Garfield better hope for a "Magic Mike 2," because we think his latest "Ellen" appearance may make for a suitable audition tape.

The 29-year-old "The Amazing Spider-Man" star appeared on Ellen DeGeneres' talk show today to showcase his moves while raising money for the Worldwide Orphans Foundation.

"You are an excellent dancer, from what I've researched," Ellen told Garfield, explaining that the charity would get $1,000 for every dance he could successfully do in 45 seconds.

Garfield earned $10,000 charity bucks in the process of "humiliating myself for these kids," as he dubbed it.

And here's where Channing Tatum should watch his (heavily muscled, baby oil-covered) back: after running through an Irish jig, the robot and even Gagnam Style, Garfield lifted his shirt and demonstrated his belly dancing abilities. Though he stayed mostly clothed throughout the medley, he certainly showed range.

"The Amazing Magic Mike?" We'd buy a ticket to see that.