Q&A: Steven Seagal Talks 'The Expendables' With 'Maximum Conviction'

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Steven Seagal is a man of many talents: International movie star, TV action hero, part-time law enforcer and full-time ass kicker. He even sings the blues and made the ponytail look manly.

In his newest action flick "Maximum Conviction" – coming to DVD and Blu-ray on Nov. 6th – Seagal teams with "Stone Cold"' Steve Austin to battle a team of elite mercenaries after the transportation of two inmates goes awry. The movie is vintage Seagal, complete epic gun fights, explosions, witty puns and all the bone-crunching Aikido one can handle in 90 minutes.

Taking a pause from breaking necks and limbs, Steven took the time to sit down with us and discuss upcoming projects, his thoughts on "The Expendables" franchise (hint: he doesn't love it) and the odds that we'll ever refer to him as President Seagal.

"Maximum Conviction" is an action fans' dream. It's got shoot outs, twists, you are partnered with Steve Austin and you also produced it. Tell us about the movie and your character Steele a little bit.

I just sort of wanted to stick with the story they gave me, which was kind of like that. They had asked me if I was interested. I met Steve Austin, I really liked him as a person and thought that we might be able to make a good comedy team. I tried to fine tune a lot of the story lining and get the action, particularly the military stuff, operational stuff, make that look as realistic as I could, the shooting, with the guns, all of that stuff cause I do know a lot about that. We had a great time together – we just had a good chemistry together and sailed through the movie without any hiccups at all.

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Throughout the course of the movie, you guys are pretty much taking out an entire army. Who do you think killed more people, you or Steve?

I have no idea. I didn't really pay attention that much. I just paid attention to the story and how to get the bad guys.

So, off-set, did he show you some wrestling moves and you show him some Aikido stuff? Was there any sparing like that?

Not at all. He respects me, I respect him and he knows I'm not interested in wresting. It was nothing like that.

How would you rank this movie on an action and ass-kicking scale of 1-10 compared to some of your previous work and stuff you've done recently?

That is kind of a rough question to answer, and I really don't want to get stuck between a rock and a hard place because I don't really want to demean this or anything that I have done. So, it was the best we could do with what we had, and nowadays people are not giving you a lot of money because the economy is down. I think Hollywood is 90 percent down and – I don't care what anybody says – I think that 90 percent of the movies that were being made five years ago are not being made now and there are 10 percent now that are being made. That is my humble opinion … You get what you can get and do the very best you can.

Are we ever going to see you bring back a character from the past, or a sequel to a movie you have been in?

Everybody wants to see "Under Siege 3." There was kind of a big fight between our distributors. If that can somehow be put aside, and everyone could figure out how to do it, that would be one of the one's to do. I think that would be a great idea.

In a perfect world, is there any other movie that you'd either remake or do a sequel to?

Oh, goodness gracious. I mean, I liked "Under Siege," I liked "Fire Down Below," I liked "Marked For Death," you know what I mean? Any of those movies make for a great story and great action.

Speaking of sequels and all that stuff, is being in the next "Expendables" ever going to be a reality? Have you had conversations about that? Is it something that is interesting to you personally?

There are lots of folks, including the people who own it, that have asked me to do it. I just, at this point, am not real interested in that, to be honest with you.

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Yeah, they came out with the new one and, from where I sit, everybody's question was, "Where is Steven Seagal?" So the fans are very interested, as I am sure you know.

I didn't really see the story, but if they had a story that was a great story I would probably be interested.

If you were to assemble your own kind of "Expendables" – people you respect the most, whether they're actors or a fighter or what not – who would be in that?

A lot of the great action guys are in there: Jason Stratham, Jet Li, and guys like that … Of course, some of the people in there I wouldn't really want to work with but some of them I would, and that’s what makes horse races. Everybody has a different taste.

The election is a hot topic right now – would we ever see you in politics? Is that something that interests you?

I've always tried to avoid politics because most politicians that I know are quite dirty, in terms of human dignity, ethics and morals. However, I am sure that there are some politicians somewhere in the world that have a good, pure heart, but it’s a pretty dirty world and, as you could see, this year's Presidential debating and campaigning was the dirtiest in the history of America.

Is there a dream role you would like to have, a Biopic you'd like to take the lead on?

Believe it or not, there are some things that I have written that would be kind of a dream to make. Hopefully, I will get to finance them ... There is something that I wrote called "Demon's Flare" which would kind of be a dream come true. There's something called "Tip of The Spear," which is about the border war, which would also be a dream come true if I could make that.  But I am in the middle of trying to finance all of those films.

What about your music – are you going to be touring with that anytime soon?

I do have some people who were speaking about a big tour in Russia, which I would love to do and, if they ever call me and say, "Hey man, this is it. Let's do this," I would do it.