Are You Ready for Louis C.K.'s 'Lincoln?'

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When Steven Spielberg announced he was making a big screen biopic of Abraham Lincoln starring Daniel Day-Lewis from a script by Tony Kushner, fans and critics pretty much agreed that there couldn't possibly be a better version of "Lincoln." Really, with a team like that, who could hope to match them?

Well, now we know the answer, and trust us when we say that you'll never see a version of "Lincoln" quite like Louis C.K.'s ever again.

Yes, thanks to the folks at "Saturday Night Live," we now know exactly what our 16th president would have been like if he had starred in his own acclaimed sitcom and had also been played by the hottest and funniest comedian in Hollywood, Louis C.K.

So all apologies to Spielberg and Day-Lewis, but when we think of Honest Abe, this is the "Lincoln" we'll be thinking of: