Saoirse Ronan Books 'The Grand Budapest Hotel'

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Saoirse Ronan: From a "Host" to a guest.

A guest of "The Grand Budapest Hotel," that is, as Variety brings word that the young Irish actress has signed on (in?) to play the female lead in Wes Anderson's latest comedy of manners.

Plot details on the film are being kept under wraps, though the IMDB claims it's a chronicle of the troubles and tribulations of Mr. Gustave (to be played by Ralph Fiennes, again according to the IMDB), who serves as the hotel's perfectly composed concierge.

Take that with a grain of salt for now, though Anderson himself has gone on record to say that the film is set 85 years ago in a Hungarian hotel (it's not a "trick" title) and is partly inspired by the witty films of Billy Wilder and Ernst Lubitsch.

The guest list is currently made up of Anderson regulars such as Bill Murray and Jason Schwartzman as well as some new recruits (as is also Anderson's style with each new film) such as Fiennes, Jude Law and now Ronan.

Saoirse Ronan has already had quite the career at a mere 18 years of age, earning an Oscar nomination for her performance as Keira Knightley's scheming sister in "Atonement" and managing to keep Peter Jackson's bizarro adaptation of "The Lovely Bones" grounded with her heartfelt portrayal of a suburban murder victim. She kicked ass as a teenage assassin in "Hanna" and took a bite out of audiences at the Toronto Film Festival a couple of months ago with her vampire turn in Neil Jordan's "Byzantium."

Ronan will next be seen in the role of Melanie Stryder in the screen adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's "The Host," which is set to hit theaters on March 29, 2013.

"The Grand Budapest Hotel" will commence with production in January with a look toward a release date of Dec. 26, 2014.