Today Is a 'Good Day' to Watch a 'Die Hard' Teaser Trailer

[caption id="attachment_150178" align="alignleft" width="300"]Bruce Willis and Jai Courtney in "A Good Day to Die Hard" Fox[/caption]

Okay, it's time to give in and face the facts: Nobody dies harder than Bruce Willis. You think you die hard? Well, John McClane dies hardest, all right? Seriously, that guy.

Which leads us to this: 25 years after "Die Hard" introduced the world to the most badass cop in the entire universe, McClane is back for his fifth big screen shoot-em-up. And as the new trailer for "A Good Day to Die Hard" shows, this time around the stakes are nothing less than saving democracy itself.


Actually, we take that back; the teaser trailer itself doesn't really give anything away about the plot of "A Good Day to Die Hard," which is scheduled to hit theaters on Valentine's Day. Instead, it basically provides one visceral thrill after another, as Willis shoots, punches and quips his way through 70 seconds of explosions.

But trust us, this one is going to (try) to be the biggest "Die Hard" yet, as McClane leaves the cop life behind to get involved in a deadly game of international espionage with the future of civilization at stake.

All we can say is, he'd better prevent a supernova in "Die Hard 6," because there's pretty much no other way for the series to go any bigger with its action. Here's a look at the new trailer for "A Good Day to Die Hard," courtesy of The Film Stage.