Milla Jovovich and Famke Janssen are 'Bringing Up Bobby'

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For the last decade or more, "Resident Evil: Retribution" star Milla Jovovich has been synonymous with one thing: Kicking ass. But now, she's breaking out of that mold and playing against type in the brand new trailer for the indie dramedy "Bringing Up Bobby."

And she's getting a little help from none other than Famke Janssen herself.

Janssen, of course, is a fellow femme fatale, having broken hearts and bones in everything from "GoldenEye" to the "X-Men" trilogy. This time around, though, she's taking on a very different, behind-the-scenes role as first time writer and director.

So just what does she have Jovovich doing? Well, "Bringing Up Bobby," which has been making the festival circuit rounds this summer, features Jovovich as a single mom trying to raise a precocious kid while trying to hide a fairly major secret: She's a wanted criminal.

Janssen and Jovovich is a dream team. But can "Bringing Up Bobby" live up to fan expectations? Check out the new trailer, courtesy of The Film Stage, and see for yourself: