This Must Be the Trailer For 'This Must Be the Place'

[caption id="attachment_146060" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="The Weinstein Co."]Sean Penn in "This Must Be the Place"[/caption]

Oscar winner Sean Penn. Oscar winner Frances McDormand. Nazi war criminals. And... goth rock star makeup?

Yep, looks like "This Must Be the Place" for the weirdest trailer of the summer.

Here's the story as simply as we can explain it: Penn plays a former A-list rock star named Cheyenne who has seen much, much better days. When his father dies, Cheyenne vows to track down and wreak vengeance upon the Nazi war criminal who tormented his dad during the Holocaust.

Of course, Cheyenne isn't exactly the vengeance wreaking type —  he's more of a washed-up basket case type — so there's a lot of angst, ping pong, pool, racquetball and other middle America type stuff he has to wade through first in order to accomplish his mission. Luckily, he has the help of McDormand, who is on hand to ensure that he gets the job done. Or, you know, doesn't. It's hard to say.

A hit at Cannes — the 2011 Cannes, that is — "This Must Be the Place" finally arrives in theaters on Nov. 2. Here's a look at the new trailer, courtesy of Film School Rejects: