Here Are the Most Attractive Movie Choices in Internet Dating

[caption id="attachment_2779" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Warner Bros."]The Hangover[/caption]

Apparently, single people love "The Hangover" and "The Notebook."

In the wild and wooly world of internet dating, sites are in constant search of some kind of quantifiable algorithm to get people off their laptops and into each others' laps.

Some say the way into a man's heart is through his stomach, but real men know the way into our hearts is through our favorite movies, something those dauntless romantological theorists at eHarmony Labs have looked into deeply, with a thorough illustrated charticle to prove it.

Using more than 70,000 user profiles, their research team has proved conclusively that when likeminded individuals on their site post the same favorite movie choices, they're 59 percent more likely to get a communication request from someone of the opposite sex. Not only that, but there's even a DaVinci Code for movie listings that are most likely to project sexy cinematic pheromones.

The three most popular "favorite movie" choices shared among men and women are "Step Brothers," "The Hangover," and "Wedding Crashers," all popular contemporary comedies, with men preferring "Star Wars" and "Dumb and Dumber" for fourth and fifth over female picks du jour "Bridesmaids" and "The Notebook." Apparently, though, if a man were to list "The Notebook" (R. Kelly, for example) or a woman to flaunt "Star Wars," it would be the cyber equivalent of the world's most flattering thong.

That is, unless you're part of the senior set (66+), in which case you're far more likely to score some septuagenarian nookie if your profile is rocking a classic title like "Gone With the Wind" or "Casablanca."

As Humphrey Bogart might say, "Here's IMing at you, kid."

Here are the top 25 most selected favorite movies. Click here for eHarmony's full findings.