Video Q&A: Bryan Cranston on Giving Colin Farrell Tough Love

There is no trip to Mars in the new remake of "Total Recall," but ruthless corporate leader Vilos Cohaagen is back and played by Bryan Cranston. Unlike the original movie, Cohaagen has a complicated, almost father-son relationship with Doug Quaid, played by Colin Farrell.

"I wanted the impression to be that Colin's character was acting out as a teenage son and he just needed tough love," he tells NextMovie.

When Cohaagen and Farrell finally come to blows in the film's third act, Cranston admits that it was the biggest fight sequence of his career.

"It was like orchestrating a dance," he says.

Although fans love Ronny Cox's spirited performance as Cohaagen in the 1990 original, Cranston wanted to do something different.

"I watched 'Total Recall' again before I played the character specifically not to step in Ronny Cox's shoes and do something derivative of what he did so well," says Cranston.

Cranston, an award-winning actor for "Breaking Bad," gets in touch with his even darker side on-screen in "Total Recall" on August 3.

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